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Gain the Mind of Steele

The ICONIC  Renewal

Triumph in Confidence

Gain The Mind of Steele


Top features

Ageless, Fearless & Endless Power! The wonder woman’s mindset. 
  • 4 Sessions
  • Discover your inner/outer beauty! 
  • Ageless beauty tips to build confidence, energy and beauty.
  • Gain a fearless mindset through increasing your faith.
  • Invincible Destiny with endless power.  

The ICONIC Renewal


Top features

90 Day Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit 
  • 12 Sessions
  • Clarity for the mind, discovering the next level of purpose 
  • SPA Time = Surrender-Pampering-Assignments for the Body
  • Discover your inner spirit to gain your true calling
  • Living a Balanced Life under the Anointing

Triumph in Confidence


Top features

 Taking your message to the public
  • 6 Sessions
  • Discover your weaknesses and strengths to overcome sabotaging. 
  • Gaining strength to achieve your standing ovation moments.
  • How to walk the walk and talk the talk with confidence.
  • Celebrate your God-given Destiny. 

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What Readers Say...

Francisca Mendoza

"There is nothing more uplifting than to read what a Woman of Steel like Trish Steel did as a surviver.let this be a light of Hope at the end of the tunnel for women! life continues.We Continue!"

Holly Anderson

International Zumba Instructor

"I could not put Trisha book down once I began reading her perfectly written story.  I felt like I was there with her as  pages turned to the betrayal, abuse, forgiveness, love, and an unwavering faith in Gods grace and mercy."

Theresa Gabriel

Co-Founder Movement 212, ZAGA Connections, Philanthropist

“The Mind of Steele takes you on life’s journey from tragedy to triumph in every chapter. You will experience Trish’s heart of joy and courage embrace you in every word.”

Olivia Campos-Bergeron

HR & Community Affairs Consultant &
Former Entertainment Executive
GREAT! Here is another book testimonial Trish sent---Today, in real-time,  this lovely, unshakeable woman of faith and founder of Safe Passage,
opens-up her heart. Trish Steele, in her new-inspiring book, shares her unfiltered emotions, youth, and struggles as a young-single mother. A beautiful story of transformation, purpose and direction though the Holy Spirit.